Beautiful Day Album
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Check out this UNPLUGGED album for the mellow mood in you.  When you want to chill and get inspired in all the best ways, this classic features songs like "Beautiful Day" to lift your spirits, "Dream of Me" to take you on a journey, "Mary Jane Blues" to get you groovin', "Love Returns" written on green paper and more.  This album features mostly Pamela Parker on all instruments, but read the liner notes on this one, it features some great musicians on most tracks like:  Norwood Fisher (Fishbone) on bass, Bobby Lee Rodgers (Col. Bruce Hampton) on guitar, Dave Shul (Michael Franti & Spearhead) on guitar, Mark Calderone (Albino) on bass, Yari Mander (Gamelon X) on percussion, Dan Parker (Citizen Cope) on bass & organ, Jacob Thro on cello and Jacob Williamson on 7-string guitar.  So, as you see, this was a labor of love and traveling.  Pamela recorded this record from East Coast to West Coast all the way to Japan.  Get it.  Got it.  Good.  <3<3<3

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