The Fantastic Machine


The Fantastic Machine was recorded at Hyde Street Studios

The band and I would like to thank you for your continued support and patience in the process of completing our latest album, The Fantastic Machine. It has been a long road, and yet it feels like we've only just begun in the process of sharing. This album was produced and recorded at Hyde Street Studios with my stellar team Chris McGrew (Drummer) and Jaimeson Durr. Mixed by Jaimeson Durr. Mastered by Mike Wells Mastering. The band is: Me (guitar, piano, vocals), Tom Finch (guitar, vocals), Spence Murray (bass, vocals), Chris McGrew (drums) and Ryan Hickey (keys, vocals). We had a few special guests like Rich Armstrong (Trumpet & horn arrangements), Teddy Raven (Saxophone), Jay Davidson (Saxophone), James Caran (Vocals and Vocal Arranging on Eclipse), Kim Moon (Vocals on Eclipse) and Shock G (Rap on Final Hour). The other amazing thing is we were able to have Michael Moss airbrush and hand paint our album cover and back. He has designed our artwork to fit on Vinyl, which we will be printing in the next few months after some fundraising.

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