Guitar Player Presents 10th Anniversary featuring Pamela Parker, Jude Gold, Gretchen Menn and many more.

Guitar Player Presents 10th Anniversary featured Pamela Parker on guitar playing Led Zeppelin's famous tune "The Ocean" with Gretchen Menn from Zepparella.  They both rocked those solos while Jimmy Leslie rocked the vocals.  Pamela also had the pleasure of singing the Jefferson Airplane tune "White Rabbit" with Jefferson Starship's own Jude Gold.  A good night had by all, Pamela Parker, also played in the band Jimmy Leslie & The Flow, of which she's been a member for a year.  The entire night also featured performances by amazing talent like Eric Barnett, James Nash, Shelley Doty, Derek Brooker, Sean Leahy, Miles Schon, Uriah Dufy Jules Leyhe and more.